Now I am updated to KiwiSDR v1.558!


  • Well, you didn't do all the things I asked in my last post. And you haven't told us what you did to get this working now.

    There's nothing to make me believe this won't happen again at the next release.

    After 37 forum posts this is the worst installation experience we've ever seen. If they were all like this I'd never get anything else done. That's why it is so important to follow the installation instructions exactly and not go messing about with changes to Linux and git just because you can.

  • Thanks!

    I was good with " gbr ", " gurl ", until " gcoms " where I got data of the previous versions, though I was sure I was on the master branch all right.

    After which I experienced a restart of the server (probably initiated by some fellow users, if not you guys ).

    Then I input " cdp ", " git show origin: Makefile | head -n 2 ", and " head -2 makefile " until I saw


    VERSION_MIN = 558

    where I restarted, in the cycle of





    and restart the server.

    I wondered if this was actually the right sequence to go through or I did it just when your server opened at this hour. But I am more comfortable with command lines, with Unix experiences and familiar with Linux at some point.

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