v1.556: CAT freq output on USB/serial adapter, clk_ext_gps on /status, fix for system log filling up

From the CHANGE_LOG file:

v1.556 Aug 27, 2022

  New feature: Send current tuned frequency as CAT "FA" command to attached USB tty device.

    Only works for serial devices at 115.2k baud due to realtime limitations

    (i.e. otherwise Kiwi audio and waterfall get glitched). Enabled on admin page, config tab.

    Format of sent string: "FAfffffffffff;" where "f" is 11-digit, zero padded frequency in Hz.


  New parameter returned by /status query: "clk_ext_gps=0,0" where first digit is =1 if an external

  ADC clock is being used, =0 otherwise. Second digit reflects state of admin config setting

  "GPS correction of ADC clock" with values: 0 = disabled, 1 = continuous, 2 = every even 2 minutes,

  3 = every 5 minutes, 4 = every 15 minutes, 5 = every 30 minutes.


  Hopefully, a fix for the long-standing problem of the system log filling up with these strange

  messages: "... action 'action 17' suspended, next retry is Fri Aug 26 03:17:10 2022 ..."

  Should not disturb anyone who has already implemented a fix by having made a custom change to

  the /etc/rsyslog.conf file.


  • Hi John,

    I'm a bit confused.

    Does the new USB / COM / CAT frequency output show whatever the last frequency change was, regardless of which receiver channel is in use ? or is it channel specific ?

    If this is so, them maybe just have a /CAT url extension (or with a password) that only allows the receiver in use to provide a CAT output ?

    This would allow a specific user (the owner) to drive the external tuner as required, without other users messing it up.



  • I wasn't sure exactly what to do in the case of multiple connections. The presumption was this would primarily be used by non-public Kiwis. So currently it simply "locks on" to the first channel found and follows its frequency tuning until it disconnects. Then repeats. Internal connections, like WSPR autorun and SNR measurement, are skipped.

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