SW update of Kiwi with no connection to the Internet

I am managing two Kiwis at VY0ERC which are near the North magnetic Pole. While I can remotely access them, the Kiwis are blocked by IT rules from direct access to the Internet.

So would it be possible to upgrade the Kiwis by 'git clone' of the Kiwi SW to the Raspberry Pi which has Internet access and LAN access to the Kiwis? I could then scp the Kiwi dir tree to the Kiwis and run a normal upgrade from the Kiwi's command line.


  • Sure. I do something roughly equivalent when I develop here. I rsync the development sources from my laptop to various Kiwis and then just do a make; make install on them to try things out. The Kiwis don't even have git clones most of the time.

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