Behavior of "WF rate" setting

Not a real problem, more of a question: Has the behavior been changed at some point in the update history? If I remember right, the WF rate setting used to be preserved across sessions. But since some time, each session seems to start with WF rate set to "fast", regardless of the previous setting.

I'm sometimes using an old and slow netbook, so it's advisable to set the "Slow Dev" button to green, which also sets the WF rate to "med". In the next (or another) session or after a page reload, the "Slow Dev" button keeps its state, but the WF rate doesn't.

Is this change intended?

73, Manfred, DL7AWL


  • The WF rate has never been saved in browser storage. Mostly because of the potential support issue. If a slow rate had been set, saved, and forgot about, then on subsequent page loads people might wonder why the waterfall was broken. And I'd get emails or we'd see forum posts here. Imagine if this happened with WF rates of zero or 1 Hz. So it is not saved.

    You can however set the rate from the URL parameter wf= For example a bookmark or device home screen icon. Also several other WF-related parameters. See here:

  • Thanks for explanation, John!

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