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Problem with cloning

Hi John,

I have tried to clone the DX labels from a remote site, but I've hit a few problems.

There are 8 KiWi's on the site, with their own public port numbers that are forwarded from the public DNS IP.

The KiWi I'm interested in has an SSH port redirection from a public port number to port 22.

However I can't seem to get the DX clone function to work properly, despite the fact that it seem to be finding something and downloading it.

Is there some other way (command line stuff) I can specify a public KiWi DNS address and port number of the remote KiWi I wish to clone on to a specific public KiWi (one of several) at another remote location.




  • Assuming your router has been setup to forward port 22 of the Kiwi to port 22 of your public ip address:

    Login to Kiwi you want to copy TO

    cdp; mst; mdi  Stop the Kiwi server running

    cdk Go to kiwi.config directory

    scp root@hostname_kiwi_copying_FROM:/root/kiwi.config/dx.json . Note "."

    Give "hostname_kiwi_copying_FROM" root password to scp (Kiwi serial number probably)

    cdp; ku Restart

    If router forwards to port number other than 22 on public side:

    scp -P port_number ... Note uppercase "P"

  • Hi John,

    Great thanks for that it all worked fine.

    However it did show up another problem.

    How to carry across the associated settings from the associated DX type menu, Band Bars & Band service menu ?

    I thought about copying the various config files across from the target KiWi, but this would include other site specific setup information, which I don't wish to overwrite.

    I also tried maually copy and pasting sections of the appropriate config files across, but this presented other problems, and I had to restore everything from a backup.

    My only other option seems to be to manually copy all the detail of the required bands, frequency limits, idents and colours etc.



  • Yes, I didn't really consider cloning when I decided to put the non-DX label info in the general configuration file (DX type, band bars, band service). If that info had gone into its own file then a clone-DX-only function could have been achieved using the new admin DX label editing scheme.

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