v1.552: WSPR autorun fixes

The v1.551 update had a bug that caused a small number of Kiwis in Europe to have their public registration option disabled (admin page, "public" tab) because the code incorrectly thought all the channels were filled with WSPR autorun. After an update to v1.552 please check that setting if your Kiwi is not publicly listed and it should be. Apologies for the inconvenience.

From the CHANGE_LOG file:

v1.551,552 Aug 7, 2022


    Disable Kiwi public registration when all channels configured to use WSPR autorun.

      Since this is a nonsensical configuration not allowing any public connections.

    Fixed autorun bug where no spots with power < 10 dBm (0.01 W) were being uploaded, e.g. 22m

      This bug effected AUTORUN spots ONLY.

    Spots now uploaded with a version field of "1.4 Kiwi" and "1.4A Kiwi" instead of the

      previous "1.3 Kiwi". "1.4A" are spots from autorun. This allows pre/post v1.552

      spots to be distinguished using advanced searching on the site wspr.rocks

    Added admin/WSPR page option to log exact command used to upload autorun spots.


  Changes to support upcoming kiwirecorder enhancements.

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