kiwirecorder feature request

The -s, -p, -u. and --stations options are nice when you want to record files for comparison of station performance. However, it can be tedious to change those comma-delimited cli options. It'd be handy to have a --list command where you could simply put a filename in and then have a file that contains a list of the servers, ports etc.

Unfortunately, I am no python coder so haven't attemped such. Has anybody else done anything similar?


  • Christoph added just that for the numerous AGC and scan options. You use the argument --agc-yaml=AGC_YAML_FILE and then AGC_YAML_FILE is a list of all the desired options (e.g. see the files *.yaml). But this isn't available for all the options in general.

    You could use a Makefile. See the one in the project base directory.

  • his yaml code was for one value for each option. In this case, you have "n" values... the comma-delimited cli ones. for each option.

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