v1.545: user interface changes (by request)

From the CHANGE_LOG file:

v1.545 Jul 27, 2022

  By request:

  Main control panel sliders (WF, Audio, AGC tabs) can now be adjusted by hovering over them and

    using the mouse wheel (or trackpad emulation of mouse wheel if enabled).

  Keyboard shortcut key 'n' toggles VFO A/B. Next to the 'm' key which shows the freq memory menu.

    As usual type 'h' or '?' to see a list of all shortcuts.

  Squelch "tail" menu value (audio tab) restored on page reload.

  New URL parameter "foff=freq_offset_kHz". Sets freq scale offset before loading user page.

    Same as right-click menu "set freq offset" and admin page, config tab.


      1) Can only be used from local network connections since it's a privileged (admin) operation.

      2) As with the right-click menu option, no admin page connections can be open.


  • I really would like to see an A=B button or maybe only a shortkey like SHIFT-N to copy the freq of the actual VFO over to the other one

    Can this be posted here as an idea?

    73s, Andy / DG7LAN

  • Okay, I did this as it turned out to be extremely easy to do (rarely the case).

    In the next release the N key does it. There is also a new entry "VFO A=B" at the end of the frequency memory menu after "clear all". There's just no room for another icon on the main control panel, especially for a lesser used function.

  • Amazing!

    I see that the UI has no room for additional elements nor would that help usability :)

    Having a keyboard shortcut is great! Thanks!

    Andy / DG7LAN

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