Change 'kiwisdr' host name on LAN?

I have two KiwiSDRs connected to an AT&T DSL modem, only one of which I intend to make public. The AT&T modem has a rather clunky approach to port forwarding, and uses only the 'kiwisdr' host name (rather than ip addresses) to identify which device to forward to. Thus there are two identical 'kiwisdr' hosts listed (with no ip addresses displayed), making it confusing to figure out which one to set up forwarding to.

Is there a setting somewhere on one of the KiwiSDR admin pages that would allow one to rename the device (i.e. 'kiwisdr1') on the LAN? Or does that require using some kind of a console command(s) to change it on the beaglebone?


  • There is no Kiwi admin setting to do this, but you can certainly do it if you have some Linux command line knowledge.

    ssh/PuTTY into the Kiwi as root. Then use your favorite text editor on the file /etc/hostname. Use the reboot command when finished. You could also do this with the admin page, console tab. But it is currently not possible to run screen-based text editors there. You could do something simpler though:

    cat >/etc/hostname



  • Seems that many ISP supplied modem/routers have "issues". Why not just add a "real" router after the ATT one and handle it there.

  • Yes, adding a secondary router is an obvious option to get around the AT&T nonsense, I was just trying to have one less device to configure. And one less switching power supply, sitting near the Kiwis. I have many years of experience setting up port forwarding on all manner of routers, but I've never seen one before that only displays host NAMES for the forwarding destinations. No doubt that is a "feature" someone decided would make it "simpler" for consumers to set up port forwarding.

    I did try ssh-ing into one of the Kiwis, as the 'debian' user, and the serial # as the password, but then I got stuck since there was just one directory ( 'bin' ) with nothing else I could see in it. But that just shows my severe lack of Linux knowledge. I'll keep trying other things to see how I can log in as a 'root' user, which will hopefully enable viewing the hostname file.

  • It's a good thing I am not self-conscious about displaying my Linux ignorance in a public forum like this. After my last post I tried to ssh using 'root' as the user, and serial # as the password, and voila I was logged in with a complete view of directories and files. I should have taken the JKS reply to my original post in, there actually IS a user named 'root'. And it's another reminder I need to be purchasing/reading a copy of Linux for Dummies.

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