new feature suggestion and request another [added in v1.545]

Hi all. i love my Kiwi. The squelch ability for SSB though not syllabic, is pretty good. I use it daily. But there's one thing it needs which is the ability to retain the hang time setting. The squelch level is retained but not the hang time. Also, previously there was a display of the frequency the cursor was at displayed somewhere around the main frequency box. I sure miss that feature.

GeorgeC W2DB

Crowley, TX


  • jksjks
    edited July 2022

    Hi George,

    By "retain" I assume you mean save and restore the value of the "tail" menu (squelch hang time) across a page reload. Yeah I can do that. Let me put it in the next release.

    The frequency-under-the-cursor function is available if you hold keyboard shift while mousing over the waterfall. This was done to reclaim precious space from the control panel for use by the new frequency memory and VFO A/B buttons.

  • Sounds great, thanks! I noticed the retention of the "tail" today. Appreciate it. Love my kiwi. I get 6-8 users every morning though have lots of noise trouble -GC W2DB

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