channel spacing not working [needs correct ITU/visibility setting]

Maybe I'm not doing it right?

On DX TAB .... Band Bars ..... I entered 10 for channel spacing and it wont change from 5 to 10 Khz...

It should work like AM Band 530-1700 Khz... Right?



  • I am doing this for US CB Radio Band....

    Like this:

    26965 - 27405 MHz CB Radio USA Armature show on band menu only 10 27025am

    the channel spacing stays the same.... 5KHz... I even did server restart....


  • I suspect that it's a left over from what was only originally set up for the AM broadcast band, so it may not work in its present form with other frequency spacings for what you are tryng to achieve.

    I guess John will confirm the actual situation at some stage.

    From memory, I think there are some gaps and mixed frequency sequences in the CB channel assignment too.



  • It only works when the band ITU / Visibility field is set to any or show on band scale only.

    It doesn't work when the band is only in the band menu and not also visible on the band scale.

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