Best solution to autoupdate?

What is the solution most of y'all are using to get their Kiwi to update? I've had to manually update it for the past two months. The last update until now has been 536 which is almost three weeks old. Going to the Admin page doesn't coax it to update - I have to click the Force Rebuild button. It used to not do this - like I said, it updated consistently until the beginning of May.


  • jksjks
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    Hard to say without me talking a closer look. I see this is a public Kiwi. If you set a temporary admin page password and email it to I can take a look. It's odd that a forced update works but a scheduled auto update does not. The code and mechanism is almost identical.


  • jksjks
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    Update: So it's probably because of all those continuous connections your Kiwi has from digiskr (shown as "digiskr_0.35.1" in the users tab channel list).

    When a new update is available it will not install if there are active connections. The update will remain pending until all the channels become free (or until a restart unless install-on-restart is disabled). So if you have connections that never disconnect you'll never get an update.

    Internal connections like the WSPR extension autorun don't cause this holdoff.

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    Would it be possible to add a "Update Window" choice in a admin tab so we can select a preferred update time? Currently mine occur sometime around 0800Z I think which is when I often get up to look at DX etc.

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