v1.543: a few fixes/features

From the CHANGE_LOG file:

v1.543 Jun 19, 2022


    Fix passband initialization bug that occurs under certain circumstances.

    When snap-to-nearest enabled via right-click menu or occurs via shift-click in waterfall:

      Allows waterfall dragging and respects locked tuning mode.


  New URL parameters:

    "mem=f1,f2... Set frequency memory menu to values given. Overrides any previously stored values.

    "z=[0-14]" Set zoom level directly (historically could be done as part of "f=" parameter).

  Show ip blacklist file hash in /status inquiry (help determine if auto update is working).


  • After letting one of my Kiwis update from version 1.538 to 1.543 I am getting either the attached error message or "refused to connect" browser errors. Clearing the browser cache did not seem to help any. The admin page sometimes loads briefly, but then the server closes the connection after a couple of seconds and restarts the server, in an endless loop.

  • Probably some sort of damaged build that we see sometimes. kiwisdr.com shows a public registration attempt every 10 minutes, but running v1.538 each time. So the update never succeeded. I can't make a user connection at all, so debugging this will be pretty much impossible unless you can open an ssh port on your router to the Beagle.

  • I am happy to say that the system appears to have "cured" itself overnight. I decided to leave it alone, despite the temptation to cycle the power. it also came back on the KiwiSDR map, running version 1.543. Hurrah!

  • Are you sure? Although the "/A" Kiwi seems to be running now (it's been up 3+ hours and I can now connect) the "stats" tab says it's still running 1.538. Maybe it'll get 1.543 during the update window..

  • You are correct, I just realized it is still running version 1.538. I turned off the auto updates for the time being since it is running well and I do not have physical access to it.

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