KiwiSDR keyboard controlled ?

I don't know if it's already implemented but websdr software has the possibility to control the software with the keyboard.

j and k are frequency down and up, u l c a f are for modes (usb, lsb, cw, am, fm) and some other things.

I've made a USB tuning knob with around an Arduino which translate the rotations to j and k.

So when turning to this knob, the frequency goes up or down. Such an item should be a huge addition for kiwisdr software.

When using the same letters as in websdr, this simple tuningknob should be compatible for both pieces of software.

@jks Is such a keyboard controller also possible for kiwi?

See my tweet:


  • The Kiwi has had keyboard shortcuts for a long time. Type h or ? to see a list of them.

  • Thanks for answer. The usb tuning knob also works now fine on KiwiSDR and on websdr software. This is cool :-)

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