v1.542: misc fixes

From the CHANGE_LOG file:

v1.541,542 Jun 17, 2022

  FAX, FSK, NAVTEX extensions:

    Menu frequencies are now loaded from a file on kiwisdr.com so a new release is not required

    to update them. A backup copy is kept on the server in case the Kiwi has no Internet access.


    Use published frequency values in menus at the expense of higher offset for some.

    Added Austravel Safety Net: www.austravelsafetynet.org.au/node/2

    Using clear button when map shown will clear map markers.

    Decodes calling when position info not included. Formats not decoded show raw values.

  Frequency memory:

    When you continuously tune by mousing down in the frequency scale (or on mobile by two-finger

      swiping on the waterfall) only the last frequency gets stored in the memory.

      Previously all the intermediate frequencies were stored and older memory entries would

      get flushed out (25 entry maximum).

    Fixed a bunch of other user interface issues with the frequency menu.

Enable recently commissioned Galileo E34 (thanks Benjamin F4FPR/K5AW)

Changed WSPR ISM_13 center freq from 13554.5 to 13555.4 (900 Hz higher) per forum thread:


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