BBAI-64 released?

My regular BBAI just arrived from mouser three days ago, and now I see there's a 64-bit version? With a DC barrel and what looks to be a ginormous heatsink? Maybe mouser will accept returns.....


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    Images in first link on this page:

    System reference manual:

    Annoying that there is absolutely no mention (that I could find) of any cooling requirements. Is it designed to be free-air cooled? Does it require a minimal airflow from a fan? 5V @ 3A is 15 watts which is not trivial. Especially not in any closed container.

    For comparison:

    USD    stock?
    $189   Y   AI-64
    $127   Y   AI
    $ 53   Y   BBB-Seeed
    $ 76   N   BBB-GHI
    $ 50   Y   BBG-Seeed (stocked by Seeed only)
  • Okay, so I've ordered one of these.

    In case it isn't obvious, don't go buying these things yet expecting them to work with the current Kiwi software release. It is quite likely some new software support will be required. Particularly GPIO differences as we saw between the BBG/BBB (TI AM3359 cpu) and the BBAI (TI AM5729 cpu). The BBAI-64 uses the TI TDA4VM cpu. Just go grep the sources for CPU_AM5729 and BBAI to see what was required last time with the BBAI.

    The current rev B1 schematics are here: BeagleBone_AI-64_Rev_B1_SCH_220602.pdf Page 29 shown a 5V fan power header connector. With fan tach/pwm control signals that connect to GPIOs on the processor. So these are likely meant for die temperature plus software-based fan speed control, although I'd bet no software support has been implemented yet.

  • Fun fact: The TDA4VM data sheet is 232 pages. The silicon errata is 70 pages. The technical reference manual, with all register descriptions, is 23701 pages (not a typo -- 23.7k!) FML..

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