I was surprised to hear for the first time a DRM station using the xHE-AAC codec, it's a lot better than AAC which every DRM transmission seems to use and it sounds absolutely appalling.

Funklust on 15785 Khz http://emeraldsdr.ddns.net:8073/

Even more surprised when I learned it was only 100 watts ? the fact I'm able to decode it is amazing, it's obviously not strong enough at times but there are times it can run for 30 mins without much breakup.

China National Radio at 30 Kw is also amazing how well it decodes for lengthy periods at times, if I think that the Analogue station that was transmitting before it was 500 Kw.

If DRM is really that much more efficient it seems mad why there isn't more of a move to DRM but shame to see most of them use AAC it really does sound terrible. xHE-AAC is much better, not perfect but I could tolerate it.

Why do they insist on using such low bitrate ? is that all they can do with 10 Khz bandwidth or is it even down to that ?

It's great the Kiwi is able to decode xHE-AAC, I don't think even DREAM can do this ?


jks edits: DMR => DRM, ACC => AAC


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