v1.538: passband fixes/features, admin page automatic reload

From the CHANGE_LOG file:

v1.538 Jun 5, 2022

  Yellow/green passband graphic on frequency scale:

    Fixed adjustment on mobile devices. Also made the "hit boxes" for the sloping part of

      the passband larger so it's easier to aim with your finger.

    Center frequency ("cf") tooltip: Added bandwidth ("bw") value.

    When cursor is in frequency scale mouse wheel adjusts passband width about center frequency.

      Previously a mouse wheel in the frequency scale did nothing.

      Keyboard shortcuts "p" & "P" did the same. And now ctrl-p will reset passband to the default.

      (can also be done by typing "/" in the frequency box or by right-click menu entry)

      Mouse wheel continues to zoom waterfall when cursor in waterfall or DX label area.

  When an admin connection closes unexpectedly an automatic page reload after 60 seconds will occur.

  FAX frequency updates.


  • Hardly a day goes by where I don't marvel at the KiwiSDR, and all of these continuing software updates only increase my appreciation of the "value proposition".

    One thing I've always been curious about is the time required for an update to get installed. Does it download source code first and then compile it for the BB?

  • Yes. Kiwi compiles its own software. Ideas have been around to change it such that updates are only distributed as binaries, which of course would be faster. But until now, it's not the case. (Personally, I like the idea of a local toolchain and compilation, because it means kind of more transparency and potential "maturity" for the operator.)

  • @tustinfarm But most of the recent changes are relatively minor (except for the extension work). There hasn't been much progress on the big problems (mobile, global preferences, binary install/failover, ...)

  • edited June 2022

    I am having some sort of redraw issue in Firefox after this latest update. It's like a slow-scanning white line, about 2 hertz, no matter what the zoom / demodulation mode, and with only me on the server, after a fresh reboot. It does not do this in chrome, only FF. Video of the issue, here, with system specs in description:


    My Kiwi url: http://kiwi.dol.la:8073

    EDIT: Just tried on another remote PC with same software config / browser / older nvidia GPU, and it did not have this issue. Maybe my video card is dying or something. Strange coincidence, if so.

  • Just a big KUDOS on the mouse wheel scroll for bandwidth! :) LOVE IT!!!

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