Slide waterfall screen with mouse [fixed in v1.543]

on my laptop I can't slide waterfall screen using mouse with left button down..... But on anouther computer I can do it, How do I fix this? .... Using Opera, FireFox is Ok..



  • I'm having same problem too. Started a few weeks ago. One laptop Win 10, Edge browser works. Another Win11, Edge browser doesn't work.

    Thanks, Bob

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  • Does anyone have a case where Win10 laptop doesn't work? Win10/laptop is all I have. Which browser? USB mouse left button, correct? What happens with touchpad left button click-drag? Same thing or works?

  • Finally got my W10 laptop updated and running again. I don't see this problem using: Firefox 101, Chrome 102, Opera 87 or Edge 102.

    So I'm not sure what to do from here. My laptop says it isn't capable, hardware-wise, of supporting an upgrade to W11.

  • OK, finally found the problem for me anyway. It's the (No Snap- Snap to nearest) option that was added to the menu when you right click on waterfall. I guess the snap to nearest option got enabled on some of my computers by default after a software upgrade. All is OK here now.



  • "Snap to nearest" has never been set by any update.

    As I recall there was some difficulty trying to combine snap with WF dragging. So I disabled it. That matches the behavior of (non-snap) shift-click in the WF (to get nearest-snap action) not allowing dragging either.

    Maybe I can look at this again and refresh my memory as to why this was so difficult.

  • In v1.543 you can drag the waterfall in snap mode.

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