Sliders.... [fixed for main control panel sliders in v1.545]

Can you add for volume and other sliders that you hold muse pointer over slider and change 1 at a time with mouse wheel?

It is to hard for me to change sound volume by click and hold then drag....



  • I'd love it too.

  • I'll see if that can be done.

    Remember that many sliders have keyboard shortcuts. Use the v and V keys to adjust the volume. Type h or ? to see the full list of shortcuts.

  • jksjks
    edited July 2022

    I have this working for the sliders in the main control panel. Should be in the next release.

    Until then, remember that you can click anywhere along the slider width and it will jump to that point. Not a precise positioning gesture but less tedious than click-drag.

  • thanks a lot :)

  • Thanks for doing this.... It works great for me now.....

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