FST4W decoding now available in Wsprdaemon Version 3.0

The new Wsprdaemon version 3.0 software running on 20 sites from Maui to Europe is configured to simultaneously decode and report to wsprnet.org WSPR-2 and all of the FST4W-xxx modes on 630M and 160M. i.e. only one Kiwi rx channel is needed to decode all of the modes in every WSPR cycle.

While Spring and Summer are not optimal for those bands, I am seeing FST4W-120, -300 -900 and -1800 spots in Europe and on the East Coast.

On 2200M AI6VN/KH6 in Maui, N6GN in Colorado, and WA2TP in New York are decoding all the FST4W modes.

I expect that soon many the 50+ top spotting stations will be running Wsprdaemon Version 3.0 and extend FST4W listening coverage worldwide.

Hopefully that many FST4W listeners will encourage 2200/630/160 beacons to start transmitting in those modes.

The Pi4 has just enough CPU to decode all 15 WSPR (i.e. 22M) bands and all of the FST4W modes on 2200/630/160M.

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