v1.519,520: mobile improvements

v1.519 May 6, 2022


    When taping the frequency entry box Android devices go back to showing the

    telephone-style keypad instead of the alphanumeric one.

    A new touch gesture on the waterfall for smooth frequency tuning: Touch two-fingers

    horizontally, with a slight space between them, and swipe left/right to tune. Currently

    you have to single-finger swipe on the frequency scale to smoothly tune. But this is

    awkward because your finger always obscures the scale.


    For reference, these are the other waterfall gestures currently supported:

    Two-finger "pinch" in or out to zoom in or out centered on the passband.

    Two-finger touch to pop up the right-click menu.

    Single-finger touch to set the frequency, but with limited resolution unless zoomed in.


    Pinch zooming on a trackpad now zooms centered on the passband (like it does on mobile).

    Previously it centered on the low-resolution pinch position instead. This caused the

    passband to frequently wander off the screen when zooming in. Zooming with a mouse

    scroll wheel is still centered on the cursor position which is typically what you want.


    Two-finger left/right swipe, as described above for mobile, does passband-centered

    zoom in/out (the existing two-finger up/down does cursor-centered zoom).

    Previously the behavior was undefined.


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    edited May 2022

    v1.520 May 7, 2022

      Added name/callsign entry field to end of "Users" tab on main control panel. Benefits mobile

      devices where the same field on the top bar could never be seen due to a small screen.

      Restore C-QUAM left/right channel assignment.

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    ... after the last update, on firefox version 100.0 (64 bit), during the connection on the waterfall, white lines appear in full screen randomly, which also affects the fluidity of the waterfall.

    On Chrome version 101.0.4951.54 (Official Build) (64-bit), I don't have this problem.

    in the link the video of the waterfall, it should give a better idea.


  • Works fine here. Although this exact problems has occurred on Safari mobile off and on over the last 6 years. Seems to be some sort of browser rendering bug related to the OpenWebRX waterfall scrolling scheme.

  • ... I try to reinstall the clean Firefox, yesterday evening however it worked perfectly, this morning I re-powering the KIWI with the next update I found this problem. I give you news after reinstalling.

  • after re-installing Firefox everything seems to be back to normal

  • I've always seen exactly these lines as in your video in specific situations, not only since one of the more recent updates (I'm using Firefox). On small screens, I use to "zoom out" (downsize screen content) by hitting CTRL and Minus simultaneously one or more times in order to have a better overview. Depending on the "scale ratio", these lines appear or not. I feel it could have something to do with the relationship between "true" and "calculated" pixels and whether it is a division without remainder or not.

    Test: If I start with default size (CTRL and 0) and then downsize stepwise, I see the white lines only after every other step. In other words: they appear only if the total number of CTRL/- hits is odd.

    Maybe this can help to understand the phenomenom.

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