How do I tell KiwiSDR operators that their links don't work?

2E0MAH uses for his link.

How do I tell him 192.168.x.x addresses are used exclusively for local networks and so it doesn't work.

Keith M0KIL.


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    It may be that he didn't intend the KiWi to be public.

    His adress is listed on

  • Background: I publish a list of GB & ROI SDRs: which is updated weekly. Unfortunately, a few that appear on the Kiwi listing (4 or 5) have bad links and no means of email contact. QRZ and Google searches have been unfruitful and I've even gone to extent of emailing other hams in the vicinity to see if they will pass messages on. No luck so far, and I'm resistant to spending money as well as time on these cases.

    Hence this query - I was hoping the Kiwi list may provide a way of contacting these folks.

  • Email your list to Sometimes I can find identifying info on the registration server that is not reflected on the page (although not always).

  • Okay, I emailed 2E0MAH and DL7APJ. I was able to reach both of those Kiwis by using the public ip address that gets sent to along with the (incorrect in this case) local ip that was specified on the admin page, connect tab. The next release has code changes to prevent a local ip from being entered in those fields.

    On I used the search box to look for "192.", "10." etc.

  • Thanks for your efforts, much appreciated.

    Others such as G4IIQ, G4CAO and one of G0EZY's are now offline - I'll get back to you when there are are definable problems.

    Keith, M0KIL.

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