Band Channel Spacing behavior? [fixed in v1.515]

I love the new edit screens under the "DX" tab of the Admin page! :) VERY COOL! I've used them to do a lot of customizing!

I have a question about the band spacing. 5KHz and 10KHz appear to work perfectly, as expected, when I hold the ALT key use the cursor left/right keys. The odd behavior I'm seeing is when I cross from, say, the "SW Broadcast" band just below the Amateur 40M band. The tuning changes from 5KHz, to a sequence of 0.4 0.2 and alternates. In the edit window, I defined it as 1KHz.

I defined the 40M band as 7000KHz to 7300. As soon as I tune from 6995 to 7000, instead of 1KHz increments, I get this:







All the way up to 7300, when it returns to 5KHz, as defined in the edit window. Picture worth 1,000 words. :)


  • Yeah, it's a bug. A fix is just waiting for the next release.

  • Ah! Ok, thanks for the update! :) It sure had me scratching my head for a bit! ;)

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