Time limit password and 403 error [improved in v1.514]

edited April 26 in Problems and Issues

When I'm receive message about day time limit expire and typed password browser lost connection to KiwiSDR with 403 error and I can't connect to KiwiSDR from this client IP. Checked with FF and Chrome.

Only restarting KiwiSDR service fixed this situation.


  • If a 24hr time limit is in effect then an ip address auto-ban occurs if an incorrect time limit exemption password is entered more than once or the page is refreshed more than twice. So entering the correct exemption password the first time will not fail.

    The reason the limit is 2 instead of, say, 5 or 10 is to be harsh against bots blindly reconnecting after running into the 24hr limit. We could perhaps up the amount a little bit, but it's a tradeoff.

  • Ok @jks, thanks for this detail info. Of course I could type wrong password, but did not know about this protection feature. 😀

  • In v1.514 I increased the ban retry limit from 2 to 5.

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