New to kiwiSDR... Can you use it off-line, with no internet?

I'm new to kiwiSDR and was wondering if one could use the receiver even if they didn't have an internet connection, that is, off-line.

I've noticed that my kiwi takes quite a few minutes to boot, and when my internet is down, I am unable to open it from my browser.


  • ( I'm currently using the kiwi with a Mac MIni, via Ethernet port and through a little Netgear switch. I am going to try it with my HP laptop and see what happens...)

  • Okay... The kiwi works offline on my windows 10 machine, but not my Mac... Must be something to do with the ethernet configuration on the Mac... I guess I need to do my homework and learn a little about ethernet !

  • Probably depends how you are accessing it.

    Set a fixed IP address for the Kiwi in your router and try accessing it with that (use to check the address)

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