v1.513 right-click of mouse not working in WF?

Title says it. 😁

Is it just me?



  • Found it. It works but in a different way, you have to hold it down and release it where you want to be active. It´s fine.


  • No. It should be unchanged. I tried it here and a three button mouse behaves exactly as before.

    The only difference is how mobile devices highlight with the two-finger tap menu.

  • I'm posting here so I don't open a new thread. Function "copy to clipboard" does not add a frequency offset and frequency in the link is not correct.

  • I'm in the middle of redoing all that code now, so I'll fix that. There were a million places the offset needed to be added and that one slipped by I guess..

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    I add frequency offset in function freqset_update_ui()

    freq_displayed_kHz_str = (freq_displayed_Hz/1000 + cfg.freq_offset).toFixed(cfg.show_1Hz? 3:2);

    I think it works. No! it not works )

  • jksjks
    edited April 2022

    Yeah, you don't want to do it there. It's unfortunately a bit complicated because of how things evolved over time.

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    Yes. It works. I think))) It cause DX label troubles while editing.

    @jks, you are doing a great job! Thank you!

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    Ok. Change display frequency only for link. (Add new var copy_link)

    function freq_link_update()
    	var host = kiwi_url_origin();
    	var copy_link = (freq_displayed_Hz/1000 + cfg.freq_offset).toFixed(cfg.show_1Hz? 3:2);
    	var url = host +'/?f='+ copy_link + cur_mode +'z'+ zoom_level;
          w3_icon('w3-text-css-lime||title='+ dq('copy to clipboard:\n'+ url),
             'fa-external-link-square', 15, '', 'freq_link_update_cb', url
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