New feature: chat with active listener

I see many listeners on my Kiwis tuned to the same ham band frequency and hogging all of the Kiwi's channels. While there are many Kiwi tools to discourage such usage, it would seem most effective if I could chat with those users and direct them to the WebSDR which would better their needs while freeing the Kiwis for listeners who need their many unique capabilities.

So I wonder if there might be an easy way to initiate a chat with them, probably on some service like Telegram.


  • I was using for a while to implement a chat system. It worked, but was not used that much, so coincidentally I just removed it the other day.

  • I use Chatango for admin messages. There are a few users who converse on it but mostly I use it for notices that I've disconnected the antenna due to a lightning storm. Works pretty well for me.

  • Is it practical to imprement a Broadcast Announcement function from an admin Tab to notify all users online?

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