V1.511 cursor and mouse operation [fixed in v1.512]

edited April 2022 in Problems Now Fixed

Hi John,

Noticed today for the first time using Firefox, MS Edge & Brave, on Win10 Pro.

The cursor and mouse operation has become erratic. Could this be due to interface changes to support mobile devices ?

Clicking on the waterfall doesn't always tune to the desired frequency.

Sometimes on clicking, the cross hair cursor changes into the crossed arrow drag cursor and stays that way, making it possible to move the waterfall up and down in frequency without having to hold a mouse key down at the same time.

EDIT - Left click and hold whilst swiping left or right across the waterfall restores the normal cross hair cursor

However it's still not possible to click tune.

Anyone else seen the same ?




  • Fixed less than an hour ago in v1.512

  • Ah OK, thanks John.

    At least it wasn't just me, I'll do a manual update.

    Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication.



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