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I am using both an Android Moto Z4 and a Samsung tablet to listen to the great selection of KIWI receivers. I am so grateful that they are available.

I have two questions.

1.When I tap on the Spectrum button, the spectrum does display but the audio just starts repeating. Is there a work around for this?

2. I notice that there are commands that use special keys, like the control key. Is there a way to implement the special keys on Android devices?

Thanks for any help that can be offered.


George, NJ3H

Redmond, Oregon USA


  • jksjks
    edited April 2022

    The spectrum, if it's in its default multi-color mode, is extremely compute intensive for these older, underpowered Android & other mobile devices. Make sure on the "WFn" tab the "Slow Dev" button is lit. Also on that same tab reduce the "WF rate" to medium or slow and the audio should recover.

    In addition, don't zoom in greater than level 9 as that again takes more resources than many of these devices can handle.

    There has never been any serious work on a mobile interface. So many functions, including keyboard shortcuts and modifier keys, don't have mobile equivalents. A few are available on the "two-finger-tap" menu (equivalent to the right-click menu on desktop). Another is that the 'y' shortcut key (hiding sections of the display) can be accomplished by pressing the 'OFF' tab multiple times (desktop does this also).

  • Hello JKS,

    Thank you so much for the very prompt reply. Your thoughts were most helpful and worked!

    I appreciate your time used in helping me out.



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