v1.507: Admin DX tab, IP whitelist, auto blacklist after repeated 24hr connections

The DX tab documentation is not quite finished. Be sure to heed the warning about first backing up if you have extensive customized labels as I don't have a lot of confidence in this code.

From the CHANGE_LOG file:

v1.507 April 15, 2022

  Admin page, DX tab:

    New interface for editing the DX labels, band bars and "select band" menu entries.

    See the kiwisdr.com documentation and forum for details.


  Admin page, network tab, IP local blacklist:

    Support for whitelist entries. This is mostly for the benefit of the downloadable blacklist

    from kiwisdr.com But if you need a whitelisted ip inside of a blacklisted ip range,

    prepend a plus sign (+) to the whitelisted ip and place it *after* the blacklisted range

    e.g. + So will be allowed even though the rest of the - range is blocked.


  Repeated connections after the per 24hr time limit has passed will blacklist the IP address until

    the 24hr time limit table is next cleared (once a day).


  Admin page: show message when server closes connection (so you're not inputting into a dead page).


  • edited April 2022

    Good morning @jks , I was backing up my sd card from the Admin page backup tab yesterday and about a minute or so in, I got the message about the server closing the connection. The console window was still scrolling when this happened. I'm assuming the backup was still running on the kiwi but how can I tell when it finishes? Thinking this was a fluke, I tried again with the same result.

    I was able to run the backup through the /mfg page and it worked as expected. The image was created successfully and I was able to reload the kiwi from the SD card.



  • Fixed in v1.510

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