Kiwiclient, 22M QRSS Monitoring, and Linux n00b

I posted a comment about saving URL settings when remotely accessing a Kiwi to use as a Pi based QRSS grabber, and Jim pointed me to the Kiwirecorder application. Given that I'm very inexperienced with Linux it sounded like a great solution, but with too steep a learning curve to actually implement.

With some encouragement from Jim, I gave it a try, and though I had some bumps in the road, it's now working great. Unlike the browser based approach, the Kiwiclient approach seems quite stable and is happily slogging away with no dropouts. Great! I'm uploading grabs to: both from the Kiwi 22m monitor as well as a PiZero based RTL dongle in a modified 30 caliber ammo can out in the back yard doing 10M listening.

A couple points:

* A Pi3B with a $4 USB dongle taking audio from one of my Kiwis seems to work nicely with QRSSPiG. I suspect it's a cheap way to pipe audio for demodulating other similar modes without tying up and powering a PC all the time.

* I wish there was a better description of the capability of the Kiwiclient suite, as it seems like really a handy toolset. While I was able to get my system running, without help I'd have never known that it was suitable for this type of application. I have read the repository info but for someone with limited experience like me, it's pretty cryptic.

* I can post my "idiots path to sound card use with a Kiwi/Pi" if it would be of any value. Prior to actually trying this, I'd have given a 0% probability of success in actually getting it to work.

Many thanks to Jim for his encouragement and help. And as always, thanks to the help of my trusty Linux application debug tool , Dr. Google.


  • John, happy to have helped you and you've proved that the combination of desire and patience can produce great results.

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