v1.507 - New DX Labels editing feature [bug fixes in v1.513,514 see CHANGE_LOG file]

Great job, well done John.

Initial edits look good, and the colour selection and other features are very useful.

Only one bug noticed, which may not be related to the update.

The frequency pre-sets in some of the extensions no longer seem to work.

Yet another brilliant addition to the KiWi, and a really nice 'Easter Egg' :-)





  • wow... Thanks John

  • Fantastic! Thanks @jks !

  • Wow, great! Many many thanks, John!

  • Yes, thank you! Been looking forward to that feature.

    • Rob
  • Thank you! I have waited long for this!

  • I'm seriously impressed by what you have done here John. Very nice intuitive UI design. And it works flawlessly. Thank you.

  • Wonders what people are talking about, goes to check... Wow.

  • Be warned, that the following extensions have challenges in version 1.507. Since I installed the update it's been far from perfect. I have just spent an hour diagnosing which sections are faulty.

    This table documents the extensions which appear broken and a very brief description of the problem.

    Extension Diagnosis

    Ale 2G Frequency selection broken

    FSK Decoder Frequency selection broken

    HFDL Frequency selection broken

    IBP Scan Extension does not load

    TDoA Receiver selection broken

  • @G8JNJ @bigcontainer Thank you. I see what's wrong. Update fix in a few minutes.

    But I couldn't get the TDoA extension to fail. Any more info on that?

  • edited April 2022

    Yeah - when i try to select a receiver it does not populate in the table. It feels very similar to the frequency not updating in the other misbehaving extensions. I hilight the receiver cluster and click on a receiver and it just doesn't populate in the table. I could be doing somehing wrong I guess.

    Thank you for looking - only had the radio three weeks, I thought I cannot of broken it this quickly!


  • I'm not having any problems with that in TDoA with Kiwis running v1.507. Let's see if v1.508 changes anything for you. Anyone else have this issue?

  • Just updating now, will let you know how it looks/works. It maybe in the morning as it is getting late, it's almost Saturday here.

    First look is looking good. Really need to sleep now.

    Thank you.

  • Good morning,

    I don't know if it's just my problem?

    Firefox browser version 99.0.1 [updated]

  • Fixed in v1.509..

  • edited April 2022

    Hi John,

    Thanks for fixing that so quickly, it all seems to be working now, and the TDoA also seems to function as it should.

    Maybe add the EiBi colour scheme / categories to the DX labels editor as a default / starting point, conversely would it also be possible to be able to change the EiBi colours to match the DX labels.

    Sorry, but I'm a bit OCD and would prefer greater consistency when switching between the two databases, I also have my own colour preferences :-)

    Be aware that if folks are backing up their dx.json file, they also need to back up kiwi.json whch contains the label colours / categories and other band related information.

    EDIT - does the dx label clone feature now do this too ?

    Thanks again, another great addition to the KiWi, that will make the DX labels even more useful than they already are, and I do like my labels, but you already knew that ...


  • Hi John,

    Me, again...

    I like using the DX labels as a personal logbook of what I've heard, so I apologise in advance if this is only applicable to me and my type of use, but here goes anyway...

    I notice that where the colour choices are shown in the DX type menu, there is a second lot of colours for each category in a pastel shade.

    I suspect hat you may already be preparing for this, but would it be possible to have the option for an active / confirmed tick box (ticked by default) in the DX label editor, that if un-ticked would use the pastel shade instead. This would permit greater visual differentiation between 'listed' and 'heard and identified' stations.

    Another thing that I've only recently noticed. As you are aware I've got a LOT of DX labels. I generally try to keep these to a maximum of two separate labels per frequency. So that one is always visible above another. However for some reason, occasionally some of these sit directly on top of each other, making the lower label invisible.

    I'm wondering if somehow, as the cursor is moved across the waterfall or spectrum display, it could be used to make the DX label(s) for that frequency (within the passband limit for the mode in use) 'pop up' or somehow be made more apparent, larger or bolder than the surrounding labels, maybe a bit like the 'spider' method used to group and 'explode' the KiWi's on the TDoA map ?

    Alternatively, maybe overlay just the relevant DX labels on the upper part of the waterfall as the mouse cursor is moved across ?

    I know you will groan at my last request (for a few hours anyway, and why is he still banging on about this) but any chance of an auto populated, but editable time, date and ID against each DX label, but only visible in the editor ? It would be very handy to be able to identify when and why a label was added at later date for sorting, sharing and merging dx.json files.



  • A thought....

    Adding the time schedule feature to the DX type menu would be handy. For example, on my MWBC stuff I have Groundwave and Skywave stations with different types. I'd like to make the skywave ones "inactive" during nominal daylight

  • Hi Jim,

    "Adding the time schedule feature to the DX type menu"

    I think it's got what you want as a new feature in the DX label editor, but it's not (yet) in the admin page 'list' style editor.



  • Martin,

    what exists means every label needs an edit. I'd like the schedule to be able to be globally linked to a DX type.

  • Hi Jim,

    Ah OK, understood. I guess that's a bit tricky without specifying each one.

    As a work around, could you use the new import and export feature to be able to externally edit the required Schedule fields en-mass ?

    I think some sort of block editing feature would be nice, perhaps by using the search field in the new list editor to define the parameters, but I'm more than happy with John's latest release, and I don't want to push my luck :-)



  • Hi all,

    As I'm new, I would like to introduce myself. A radio addicted kiwi owner, 52 years old and playing with radio since I was 9 years old. All RF that travels via radiowaves, will have my attention. Radio is my life, radio is my hobby and profession. As ham radio operator, PE1RDP, I try to be active as much as I can and after 40 years, I still enjoy it.

    Yesterday I tried to import a csv into my kiwi with 10m beacons. Running v1.512 but still facing the error: "File upload: CSV line 2: expected mode string in field 2".

    I will do something wrong, can anyone help me? Please see the attached screenshots. Thank you.

    73 Arno - PE1RDP - Veldhoven/NL - JO21QK

  • jksjks
    edited April 2022

    You have to carefully set the options used by your spreadsheet program when saving a file in .csv format. Basically the file needs to look like the one originally exported by the DX tab and used when you first imported to your spreadsheet.

    Namely, things like the fields separated by semicolons and text fields quoted. For example OpenOffice produced this .csv file using the export options shown below. Note how "CWN" is quoted but the numbers (like the frequency) are not. This is what the error you see if referring to (your .csv file probably has a plain CWN without the quotes).

    "Freq kHz";"Mode";"Ident";"Notes";"Extension";"Type";"PB low";"PB high";"Offset";"DOW";"Begin";"End"

    25;"CWN";"RAB99 RUS";"Beta time signal, ID @xx:06:00";;"T1";;;;;;

  • Thank you John for the continued work on this - great to see the "ToDo" changed on this tab!

    Much appreciated.

  • Hi John,

    Many thanks for your fast and clear answer. When I succeed to import, I'll let you know.

    73 Arno

  • After changing the mode field as text, the error above didn't show up anymore. But now the software gives me:

    File upload: CSV line 1: expected 12 fields, got 1

    Also some quotes missing....

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    Kiwi updated to 1.512

    Most of the challenges I was going to mention from 1.511 have gone away in 1.512

    Not sure if I'm the only one but in 1.512 version the HFDL extension is very broken, the frequency fields are completely missing, so you are unable to change between frequencies unless you actually know a frequency to start with manually, and then use the ones reported in the messages.

    Was sat here most of the day in the admin tab hitting refresh on the update button, hoping 1.513 would be there and breath life back into HFDL, my joint favourite mode with FSK!


  • Yeah, so all your fields are separated by commas instead of semicolons. And only one of the text fields is properly quoted. What spreadsheet program is it anyway? You might be needing to specify the options at the time you import the file from the DX tab. It all depends on what your spreadsheet program requires.

  • v1.512 HFDL: Anyone else having problems? Because I looks fine to me. I tried a bunch of Kiwis on rx.kiwisdr.com and they were all okay..

  • http://jimlill.com:8075 looks wrong in HFDL. I am guessing that the problem only occurs if the admin used functions on the DX tab

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