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Cannot get HFDL to work

I just discovered a couple of days ago the HFDL capability. So last night tried it and it worked great. Trying it for the past hour and no-go. I get great strong signals from NY on 17919. Nothing prints. I tried "test" works every time.

It sets to I/Q and as I said, getting strong signals also on 13 and 11 mhz.

Can't find anything that matches this issue in the forum.

Please help.

GeorgeC W2DB

Crowley, TX


  • I see this is a public Kiwi. But I couldn't get in because all the channels are full.

    My guess is the Kiwi frequency calibration is off. Was the room temperature substantially different between when it worked and didn't?

    Do you have the GPS connected and working? The HFDL code (which I didn't write) seems to be able to correct up to a 40 Hz freq offset. The test samples are of course on frequency and that's why they work.

    If your GPS is not connected/working you could try a manual calibration using the higher frequencies of WWV since you're in TX. See the instructions at the bottom of the admin page, config tab.

  • That did show the freq to be off more than usual. Checked using WWV 15. Seeinf at least 4 GPS satellites though and GPS correction of ADC clock was enabled. Just disabled it and then will re enable. Wow... touchy...that worked. I was off by 116 hz.

    All 4 were in use before when I was looking at the CPU load which also seems pretty high. logged in and after "w" command the CPU load is 1.29, using ps the load is 73 for the kiwi application

    Thanks for the tip. Time to turn air conditioning on...

    GeorgeC W2DB

  • On the admin page, GPS tab, be sure "Acquire if Kiwi busy" is checked. I think the default is not checked. This will make the GPS acquire new sats as they go in and out of range so it does more correcting long term. Although it does some of that anyway.

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