Screen freezes and kiwi stops running

When I connect to my kiwisdr, the screen will freeze after 15-20 minutes and I have to reload the page to get it going again.

I do not have any time limits set.

When I connect to other Kiwi SDRs I don't have this problem.



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    which OS and browser are you using?

  • Hi,

    Windows 10 and it happens in Firefox and Microsoft Edge


  • I just tried Chrome and it quit running after less than 5 minutes

  • if you go right into the admin status page, does it freeze up there?

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    The assumption here that local and remote sessions are under the same conditions, could it be that you leave a session running to a local Kiwi longer than you would to a remote? (without doing other things on the PC)

    I.E. if the screen is set to turn off at 15 minutes, or the network card goes to sleep it might seem you are comparing like for like, but in fact a 30 minute remote session may be while the PC is being used but local session is left unattended?

    I'd inspect your power profile set it to long times and see if that changes it.

  • We'd really need to see the logs to get anywhere with diagnosing this (Kiwi server-side and browser-side). Open the Javascript console on your browser before connecting to the Kiwi (or refresh the page for a new connection after the console is open). It's in the browser menus someplace (varies with browser), but the shortcut keys should be:

    Browser // Windows/Linux // Mac
    Firefox // ctrl-shift-K // cmd-alt-K
    Chrome // ctrl-shift-J // cmd-alt-J
    Safari // ctrl-shift-C // cmd-alt-C
    Opera // ctrl-shift-I // cmd-alt-I

    For the Kiwi-side have another browser window with the admin page, log tab open and note the messages at the time the connection closes.

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