Option to save recording after time-out [fixed in v1.499]

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I was wondering if it would be practical to add the option of saving an audio recording that was in progress when a KiwiSDR time-out occurred.

For a net in which I participate I often use multiple receivers to make recordings of a net that is technical in nature and from that I make notes which get published and produce an audio file from the various sources, taking advantage of geographical diversity.

Of course, I sometimes lose track of the windows and a KiwiSDR recording may be underway - but is effectively lost if there's an inactivity time-out: Having the option of saving an existing file - which is presumably on your PC at that point, anyway, would be helpful.


Clint, KA7OEI


  • I always imagined this would be a difficult problem to solve. But I thought of a new way and it turned out to be easy. Will be in the next release.

    Doing the same for FAX recording is more difficult. So no solution for that right now (too busy working on other stuff).

  • Thanks John!

    Again, I appreciate what you do.


    Clint, KA7OEI

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