Firefox update to 98.0 seems to mess up frequency field [fixed in v1.498]

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Sometime in the last hours a strange UI problem appeared in firefox: The frequency input field is too small to show all digits. For example, If the frequency is set to 15028.9 KHz, it looks like this:

I cleared cache & cookies, restarted FF, shut down and power-cycled my kiwi - all didn't help. In Chrome, all looks normal, so it seems firefox-specific. Short time before was a FF update from 97.0.2 to 98.0, which suggests that this could be the cause.

To verify that, I took another windows-computer which had not yet been updated. There the kiwi UI looks fine as usual, but after updating firefox, the same problem appeared also here. Even more extreme - only two digits are visible! (This could possibly be because the screen is smaller, only 1024x600, it's an old ASUS netbook.)

So it seems almost sure that the least firefox update is problematic. Has anyone similar experiences?


  • jksjks
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    The idiots have added scroll bars to long menus which increases their widths. So the frequency input box is getting squished. Idiots!

  • Okay, fixed (I think) in the v1.498 update just released.

    Not a 100% perfect fix, but should be good enough for now.

  • Thanks, John! I'll try it, update is running.

  • Thanks for the update John!!!!

    Thought I was going nuts!!


  • I keep looking on the web/Twitter for people complaining about this issue impacting non-Kiwi web pages and applications. So far nothing. What really surprises me is that this change is not mentioned anywhere in the developer release notes that I could find. Nor in the list of bugs fixed, although it is possible I have not found the complete list of those.

    It is also possible that I'm just using the HTML select element wrong (what I use for the menus). I'm not an HTML/CSS expert by any means. The MDN section "Styling with CSS" for select basically says you shouldn't use it because it's too complex to control, which I find an incredible admission:

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