Problems with WSPR with Chrome on Linux [Solved]

When using the WSPR decoder in chrome on debian the upload spots checkbox cannot be checked and don't upload and the decoded spots don't have a distance value. Switching to Firefox causes everything to work fine.


  • jksjks
    edited March 2022

    You don't have the reporter call and grid setup. See admin page, "extensions" tab, WSPR entry.

    The upload checkbox isn't enabled unless these two parameters are set (otherwise would ignore your spot anyway). And the km distance cannot be computed unless the reporter grid is known (can't calculate distance without both endpoints!)

  • I DO have both set up, like i say it works perfectly if used in firefox.

  • Interestingly while reorganising my shack I unplugged the kiwi for a while to move it and now it's set up in it's new home it works?? Very strange!

  • Okay, I missed the part about FF (too many messages/emails, reading too fast, lol).

    That is pretty strange. I don't think the call/grid is cached in the browser anywhere. It should all be server-side. So I don't understand why Chrome would have failed.

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