v1.491: WF floor/ceil default, volume cookie, name/call length adjustment

v1.490,491 February 28, 2022

  Admin page:

    When auto aperture is selected the waterfall floor/ceil defaults can be set.

    Added adjustment for name/callsign input field max length (16-64 chars, defaults to 16).

    Debian 10: Fixed bug when switching between DHCP/static IP mode.

  Last set volume is saved in a browser cookie and used for subsequent connects to the same Kiwi.

  Fixed automatic updating of the five IBP station labels (e.g. 14100 kHz).

  SSTV extension: Update frequencies in menu, add URL parameters to help panel.

  Misc bug fixes.

HTTPS/SSL is not available in this release.


    edited March 2022

    "Backround picture" is not visible anymore if you have changed it. If you haven´t, "The pcb" picture shows ok. But even that can not be put back from my pc. I checked several Finnish Kiwis.


    Thanks for all bug fixes and updates though, it just keep getting better and better 😁

  • And this seems to be on by default in .491. I switched back to NO but that did not have any effect on the backround picture.

  • v1.492 out now that fixes the photo problem (security enhancement going a little too far).

    I didn't find any evidence of the "disabled recent changes" configuration setting being changed.

  • Thanks John. "Disabled recent changes" must have been myself then. It has not done any harm that I´ve noticed.

  • jksjks
    edited March 2022

    For future reference: While debugging this problem I happened to try, in Firefox, clicking the "Photo file" Browse button on the admin page, webpage tab. Nothing happened! You're supposed to immediately get a file view dialog allowing you to select the file to upload.

    I clicked it again and got the dreaded application "spinning cursor" for about 10 seconds. I immediately thought, oh god, what have they done to Firefox this time? Sure enough, in Safari or Chrome it worked fine. At least I knew it wasn't my fault. No error messages in the console window. I disabled all FF extensions (e.g. uBlock Origin) but that didn't help. It was only after doing the full "Firefox refresh" procedure, which nukes just about all your settings, that the problem went away. I had to reinstall all my extensions and reconfigure all my customizations. So think carefully before doing this.

  • Thanks for the warning John. I use both browsers atm. Have not made a decision between them. I have an older i5 machine and sometimes Edge seems to grab unnecessary resourses even though I have closed all but one tab.

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