Separate user guide

I'm receiving progressively more requests from KiWi users about how some functions can be accessed, how parameters can be adjusted and other general operating tips.

The existing guides include some of this information, but it is tucked in amongst the other details that are primarily intended for KiWi admins.

Perhaps separate guides for users and admins may now be more appropriate, as the number of features has grown substantially, and some are perhaps not as well known as they could be.

It maybe that a suitable up to date user guide already exists, and I've just not seen it, but if not, perhaps a Wiki or similar could be used, so that admins could also contribute content, and remove some of the burden from John.

Just a suggestion.




  • Hi Martin,

    At work I have a MediaWiki set up for those 'every two years' jobs, saves having to search emails for previous instances of the same issue / solution, also should help the next guy or cover.

    Without trying to tempt fate, the Kiwi is very reliable if a few basic things are in place (like a solid power supply, letting it update fully) part of the advantage of a Wiki type layout might be to hit 'common issues' and how to fix those without scrollathon of info, but also if the problem is tenacious the ability to drill down through links to an 'if all else fails' page.

    The downside is whether checking/correcting entries by others is more work than John just doing it himself.



  • Hi Stu,

    Yes understood.

    My comments were directed at creating a separate user guide, rather than replacing the existing quick start and this Kiwi support forum, which is more likely to be used by KiWi owners and admins, rather than casual users.

    There are lots of features and tips that have been discussed on here, that users are unlikely to ever come across e.g. Ctrl & +/- (waterfall zoom buttons) to quickly change the receive bandwidth.

    If such a document doesn't already exist, I'm prepared to start writing one, as I suspect I've already covered the subjects in many emails and posts on several forums that could be included. So a lot of the hard work may already be done.

    However I'm sure that others could also contribute, and it's only intended to be a user guide. In this respect I don't think I don't think that any misleading information would be too problematic, as it would only refer to operation of the user interface, rather than aspects of the device configuration and troubleshooting, which could cause problems.

    As I said, it was just a suggestion.



  • edited February 2022

    May I suggest....

    Make an outline of the proposed sections: Install, Basic use, Extensions, etc. and have people who have some expertise volunteer to write or vet each section.

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