Opinions sought: admin option limiting input length of name/callsign field

I had a request to implement an admin option to limit the input length of the name/callsign field (top left of the user page).

I've done that, but now there is the question of what the limits on that length value should be. Namely the minimum, maximum and default. The minimum has to be 16 to accommodate existing non-human connections, e.g.

"SNR-measure" (11), "TDoA_service" (12), "WSPR-autorun" (12), "kiwirecorder.py" (15), "wsprdaemon_v3.0a" (16)

I currently have the maximum at 64 (for no particular reason) and I'm not sure what the default should be (given that most admins will never change or even notice this new option).

So I'd like to hear some opinions on this.



  • Based upon my experience administrating the KFS WebSDR, you might want to consider parsing for common swear words. I know that's not exactly what you asked, but...

  • On desktop OS, the input box is about 20 characters, the single line visible about 39 so not sure what point there is above about 20-25?

    I would assume most software could be abbreviated to fit and can't see HAM or SWL calls going over the the basic 16.

    If you were at some stage going to show IP addresses IPv6 (non abbreviated) is 39 and V4 mapped to v6 45.

    Just throwing some numbers out there.

  • In the past, when the display defaulted to show all other users, I have used the name callsign feature to 'instant message' some of the other KiWi users.

    However now that the users are shown in a separate panel, this doesn't work as well as it once did.

    I'd now suggest that 16 characters would probably be enough for brief but valid name / call / location info.



  • edited February 2022

    Due to recent events, I would suggest filtering by keywords and completely disabling the "callsign" field.

  • changes like that need to be optional from the admin pages.

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