Public registration successful, but my Kiwi do not appeared in public list [fixed]


I registered my kiwi (see page attached), but it did not appeared on

My Kiwi can be reached via piblic address: (such link showed on my Admin-Connect page)

What the problem?


  • jksjks
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    Your SSL proxy is the problem.

    When I connect to it upgrades to an https/SSL connection, which is okay (something I'm learning about myself right now). The problem is the registration server at polls all Kiwis using their /status link to determine up/down status, e.g.

    Your proxy server is not mapping that access to /status through to the Kiwi and letting it produce a response. Instead, it responds with an HTTP 302 "Found" error and the reply text "Web server". So add some rules to nginx, apache, lighttpd or whatever it is you run and see if that works. To see this I just did a curl

  • Thank you. Ok, I tried 'curl' and it showed me 302 on that link.

    But I can't set up this server, it's provided by my router manufacturer (Keenetic).

    Yes - it is https, but I could not specify the correct address ( ) through the Kiwisdr interface - maybe you know how to do this? Or https is not supported?

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  • jksjks
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    Okay, I have added special code to the registration script to detect this case. Seems to work now.

    Really interesting that there is a router doing automatic HTTP to HTTPS connection upgrades on port 80. I had not heard of that before.

  • Thank you!

  • You will note a few things don't work quite right as a result of your SSL router. Browsers don't allow https sites to load http content. This is considered a "mixed content" violation. This happens with the Kiwi code for example when DRM mode tries to load the latest DRM schedule from

    I have a fix for this that will be part of the next release which will also contain experimental SSL support.

  • When trying to register my kiwi, I get "Error, you must first setup a valid Kiwi connection URL on the admin "connect" tab" Yet my Admin/Connect/Domain is set to "" I can access kiwi via If i browse to I am presented the login screen for my ISP. When I try to add the port number, the UI says "Do not include port". Any one see what I am doing wrong? Thank you


  • At the top left of the admin connect tab is a large 5 entry menu. Do you have the second entry selected that says "DUC Domain"? In the field to the right does it say ""?

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    The problem is my ISP Starlink's use of cNAT. So I was totally in the dark that my kiwisdr was behind two NATs. I have the kiwisdr running via a Cloudflare tunnel accessible from but I never make it on to the sdr location map because to be listed there your kiwi has to be accessible as The cloudflare reverse DNS tunnel scheme doesn't allow ip + port. So my kiwi is pretty unused. does produce a response so I'm not sure why I am not listed.

  • still thinks your Kiwi is misconfigured based on the information sent for public registration. In particular it thinks the large 5-entry menu of the admin connect tab is set to "specified ip". If you want your Kiwi to be reachable at then that menu needs to be set to the first entry, "domain name", and entered in the field to the right. Then restart. There are plenty of Kiwis listed on that don't use port 8073. Works fine.

    But, are you also still using DDNS as mentioned a few posts back? That requires a slightly different procedure. But again, as far as knows you have "specified ip" selected.

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