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Error in WSPR Band Selection

I have found a problem with the WSPR ISM_6 6780.75, the frequency changes to the other frequencies in the IWBP list and it never goes back to ISM_6 6780.75 frequency. The other ones, 60 EU 5365.45, 60 5287.95, 80Ja 3569.35 & ISM_13 stay on those frequencies and they do start scanning the IWBP list either. Where do you find the list of frequencies that are used or scanned for the different WSPR Bands?



  • jksjks
    edited February 2022

    What do you mean "never goes back to ISM_6"?

    If I'm running in IWBP mode and select ISM_6 it stops the IWBP scan and goes to the ISM_6 freq just fine. The list of IWBP frequencies and the schedule is here:

    None of the ISM frequencies are part of IWBP, which is a ham band only thing.

  • JKS, You Said: What do you mean "never goes back to ISM_6"?

    When Looking At Status Page of Kiwisdr and the RX(Number) you can see the Frequency... It starts at 6781.5.... Then the frequency's change going up..... and if you watch for a while... it never gets back to 6781.5 and it keeps scanning..... Why?.... Should the frequency stay at 6781.5? or scan the other frequency's?

  • jksjks
    edited February 2022

    Okay, so you're talking about WSPR Autorun mode that you setup on the admin page, extensions tab. I tried that. I set Autorun_0 to ISM_6 and Autorun_1 to IWBP. Then watched them from the status panel of a normal Kiwi connection. Exactly the right behavior happened. The channel running ISM_6 (rx1) stayed on 6781.50 all the time and never changed. And the channel running IWBP (rx2) cycled through the IWBP frequencies: 1.8, 3.5, 5.2, 7.0, 10.1, 14.0, 18.1, 21.0, 24.9, 28.1 (then repeats) as defined here:

    The 10 IWBP frequencies are NOT the same as all the 22 frequencies shown in the Autorun menus.

    So I don't understand what the problem is.

  • Yes, You are right.... It now works ok....


    (rx0) 60M_EU

    (rx1) ISM_6

    (rx2) reguler use

    (rx3) IWBP

    This is what I had..... When it worked like I explained.


  • JKS, Did you try that combination? That's when the ones that are fixed change frequency's....

  • jksjks
    edited February 2022

    I thought you said "it now works ok" ?

    I tried what I think you described: autorun configured for 60m_EU, ISM_6, regular use, IWBP. Then I made a normal browser connection and ran another IWBP from the browser interface. So all 4 rx channels now in use.

    After 40 minutes everything looks fine. rx0=60m_EU-autorun (5366.20), rx1=ISM_6-autorun (6781.50), rx2=IWBP-autorun, rx3=IWBP-web. The two IWBP instances are synced to the same frequencies and change at the same time, as they should. The rx0 and rx1 frequencies never change.

    Remember a few things: The frequencies shown in the user tab of the status panel are (passband) "center" frequencies, not dial frequencies. So for 60m_EU the CF is 5366.2, but the dial is lower by the BFO amount (configured to be 750 Hz in my case) and so is 5365.45. Dial frequency is what's displayed in the freq entry box of the user control panel.

    On the extensions tab the autorun instance numbers i.e. Autorun 0 Autorun 1 ... Autorun 3 are just that: instance numbers. They have nothing to do with the assignment to rx channel numbers, which can be arbitrary depending on if rx channels are previously occupied. So in this case even though it's Autorun 3 that's set to IWBP, it got assigned to rx2 because rx2 was the next available rx channel.

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