Stuck at v1.473 [fixed]

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Update->Check now returns:

Installed version: v1.473, built Feb 6 2022 21:16:46

Error determining the latest version -- check log

The log says:

Sun Feb  6 21:58:33 00:01:07.424 ........          L UPDATE: force update check by admin
Sun Feb  6 21:58:33 00:01:07.429 ........          L UPDATE: checking for updates
Sun Feb  6 21:58:34 00:01:08.811 ........            UPDATE: fetch origin status=0x00008000
Sun Feb  6 21:58:35 00:01:09.701 ........          L UPDATE: Makefile fetch error, no Internet access? status=0x00008000 WIFEXITED=1 WEXITSTATUS=128
Sun Feb  6 21:58:35 00:01:09.704 ........            task update_task:P3:T003((1000.000 msec) TaskSleep) exited by returning

I can ssh to that Kiwi and 'ping', so it has a route to the internet and DNS is working.

This is Kiwi78 at KPH which is double-nat-ed, so its gateway's 'public' IP is a 192.168.x.y address.


  • jksjks
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    ssh or admin console, and type:

    cdp; gcl

    Might get "Removing Makefile.1" message.

    Note the dot (".") character in the next command.

    gco .


    Stop if there are any errors with those commands and let us know what they are. We're looking for git or filesystem problems here.

  • root@kiwisdr:/var/log# cdp

    root@kiwisdr:~/Beagle_SDR_GPS# gcl

    root@kiwisdr:~/Beagle_SDR_GPS# gco .

    root@kiwisdr:~/Beagle_SDR_GPS# gpu

    error: object file .git/objects/2a/87b6e9458f1cb2afb6e9d2e942fba73574f7c3 is empty

    error: object file .git/objects/2a/87b6e9458f1cb2afb6e9d2e942fba73574f7c3 is empty

    fatal: loose object 2a87b6e9458f1cb2afb6e9d2e942fba73574f7c3 (stored in .git/objects/2a/87b6e9458f1cb2afb6e9d2e942fba73574f7c3) is corrupt

    fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly


  • Yeah, so your filesystem is trashed for whatever reason (e.g. power failure during eMMC write).



    mv Beagle_SDR_GPS B.bad

    gclone Beagle_SDR_GPS



  • That worked.


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