SuperSDR 3.0 release



  • I think they are, but please, don't let me touch anything Windows-related, I'm heavily allergic.

  • Hi,

    long time no see.

    If anybody's still interested in the Windows version of SuperSDR, you may now download it from github:

    As usual, please let me know what works and what doesn't ;-)


    marco / IS0KYB

  • Hi Marco,

    I'm enjoying SuperSDR quite a bit. I recently scripted a wrapper for it which reads a list of currently online KiwiSDRs and presents the top 50, based on SNR score. It uses fzf on the command line or Rofi as the gui, and they work similarly. Having a fuzzy finder to parse the list is great!

    For example, I can bring up the list, then enter "Westmin" and select from the HFUnderground servers 😀 or an upper case "C" to find "Croydon." It was such a nice way to find and operate servers that I put the configuration into the latest Skywave Linux 4.4, along with a video to demonstrate.

    Being a big fan of the synchronous AM demods, I added SAM to the version you see in the video; SAU ans SAL will soon be in the fork I've set up on GitHub. With the latest pygame and sounddevice, the client runs smoothly. That dark red color for the main rx was too dark for me, so I brightened it after this image was taken. Brighter red looks nice with the fonts in version 3.14.

    "Shannon VOLMET, Shannon VOLMET..."

    Fuzzyfinding in Rofi:

    Here is a link to the video, set to the time I begin the SuperSDR demo:


    Phil AB9IL

  • Hi Marco and thanks for the latest upgrade. I enjoy it very very much! Hyshh😎..I use the windows version.


  • Now after one day/night of tests I love it even more. What I am most missing is the tuning steps 9/10kHz in AM broadcast band 530-1700kHz. And maybe the ability to adjust the frequency by 1Hz steps to define the exact frequency in AM broadcasts. They seldom are "on the spot". Not that important because it does not have SAM/ECSS -mode. If it was perfect it would have ECSS and AFC like HDSDR. It gives you automatically the right frequency on the dial with 1Hz accuracy.

    Just my humble opinion if you ever think how to make SuperSDR even more Super.

    Best of future with it.


  • Hi Pekka,

    SAM / SAU / SAL are available in my fork of SuperSDR.

    You can switch into those modes with some new keybinds:

    SAM: Shift + A

    SAU: Shift + U

    SAL: Shift + L

    73 / Good Luck / Have Fun,

    Phil AB9IL

  • Hey Phil and Pekka!

    Sorry that I didn't come here recently and I saw your messages only now.

    Too much work lately and no time to play with radio and python.

    Hope you have fun! :-)

    Phil, your fork has nice features indeed. One thing I always wanted to add is noise reduction, maybe you could try ;-)


    marco IS0KYB

  • Hi Phil and Marco,

    Me, being a fully Windows guy (I´m sure it is not contagious 😁), am always looking the .exe. Phil, can I use "your fork" even there is no .exe file. I am happy to learn new things and I am also very good following instructions if I have one.


    ps. I am using SuperSDR every day 😍

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