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Ant Switch v.s DX Label extension field


I’m a new user of this SDR and have played around some time to learn functions and behavior, now I ‘m looking in to the Ant_switch function witch is a nice feature, but il cant rely figure out howe to use it as I intended to.

My intention is to automatic connect "right" antenna depending of used frequency (only applicable for one user setup).

One way to approach is to create a "DX Label" and in the extension field activate needed antenna(s), like: ant,3,4, and this works fine, but...

..if il create second DX label and there want to activate ant1,2, il first have to reset antenna switch to "no antenna" , unfortunately il cant find the right command to make this happen, any idea what command to use (if it is any at all) in the DX Label Extension field?

Il have tried some variants for example: ant,0 or ant,g   ….. but just get "antenna unknown"

/Per, SM2IZO


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