new scan option

The latest version of has a new option: --scan-yaml=yaml_file_name.yaml which can be used instead of the -f, --freq option.

An example of such an YAML file is:

 threshold:  15 # dB
 wait:        1 # seconds
 dwell:       4 # seconds
 frequencies: [6661, 6559, 6311, 8948, 8912] # kHz
  • threshold: Squelch threshold in dB.
  • wait: Time for which any samples are ignored after a change of frequency.
  • dwell: Maximum time spent on each channel with closed squelch.
  • frequencies: List of frequencies which are tuned into cyclically.

If the squelch opens on a given channel a .wav file is recorded until the squelch closes, if not the frequency is changed after dwell seconds.


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    Hi Christoph,

    Thank you for creating this scan option. Just for feedback I notice the following:

    When trying, it looks that the squelch opens and the wav recording starts all right, but never closes. Checking with log level debug enabled a "squelch closed" message does not show up and the recording keeps on going.

    At the same time running a browser session with the same settings ( AGC, squelch level and frequencies) as for the kiwirecorder the squelch does close correctly.

    73 Ben

  • Hi Ben,

    the squelch threshold in the KiwiSDR web interface is in absolute units and the one in is relative to a moving average. Can you try again with a threshold of 15 dB? I'd also advise to use the option --agc-yaml=fast_agc.yaml.



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    Hi Christoph,

    Indeed with the fast agc and a higher squelch threshold the scan recording works great.

    This of course keeping in mind that the squelch only trips on signal level and not tries to check for presence of voice or some digital mode.

    Thanks again.

    73 Ben

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