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I have two questions regarding the WSPR extension (that knows as 1.3 Kiwi) where I've not been able to find answers:

Does the browser keep an equivalent spots file to WSJT-X's ALL_WSPR.TXT? If so, where might I find it on Chrome (Mac OSX) or Chromium (Pi)? I can see small files every 2 minutes in the Chromium cache but they are not readable and not what I need.

In the comments for wspr_main.cpp at are // upload spots at the end of the decoding when there is less load on

// extension: spots uploaded via javascript

I have not been able to find the javascript function to check on the exact upload mechanism, can someone point me to where it is, or describe the mechanism whether spot-by-spot, POST, or MEPT batch, or something else?

I ask as part of a study with Rob AI6VN into completeness of uploads from WsprDaemon, WSJT-X and the Kiwi extension. This extension is much used, here is a histogram of spots uploaded by package as a dip test 1t 1706 UTC on 1 December 2021. The unrecorded category includes WsprDaemon versions prior to 2.10k.


Gwyn G3ZIL


  • un-recorded might also include Red Pitaya spots which is what I think EA8BFK uses

  • He has been running wsprdaemon V 2.10k for some time

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    Is there a list of the guys with unrecorded? I'd be happy to try to track down what they run.

  • Jim,

    Thank you. I'll write a query to extract and send you in a private email.


  • Jim,

    If you reach spotters running pre- 2.10k versions of wsprdaemon, encourage them to upgrade to that version and also to watch for WD 3.0 where I have corrected some upload minor problems:

    1) WD 2.x offers type 2 spots with '<...>' as the call sign. WN appears to always reject those spots, but I can't be sure of other side effects.

    2) WD 2.x uploads the entire spot lines from ALL_WSPR.TXT, but mistakenly interprets some of those lines as 'packet mode' values. Such WSPR-2 lines are reported as WSPR-15 or FST4W-300/900/1800 packets.

    Despite those flaws, we have some evidence that WD 2.10k uploads spots more completely than other decoding programs.

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