audio and waterfall hang in Chrome


I am having trouble with the audio and waterfall stopping randomly after a few minutes in Chrome. It seems to happen most when the Kiwisdr window or tab is not topmost on the screen (i.e. behind another window). If the window is on top, things seem to work better. When this happens, the user interface is responsive, but no audio. It shows audio underrun on the stats page. The only way to fix that I have found is to refresh the page. I frequently have multiple instances going at once.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Jack


  • From another thread

    It might be worth trying, just to see if it is related to visibility. There have been other browser issues with previous versions of chrome, personally I won't install that browser* but that would be a way to gather more information on how to prompt it.

    *(Chrome is not so much a browser as a sub operating system that seeks to import all the tracking extensions, personalisation and general cr-p from any device you have previously installed it and signed in). I would say try Brave but that is on the same base so not sure if that is clean while Chrome is installed.


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    Thanks Stu, this problem does seem to be Chrome related; I don't seem to have the issue in Firefox. I tried the disable page visibility extension, but it didn't seem to help. I suppose I could try a clean Chrome installation, but haven't.


  • The same as reported by iveyj1 is happening here on Chrome on Linux Ubuntu.


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