Kiwi stuck on v1.470 [fixed]

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  • Hi there, My Kiwi ( is stuck on 1.470 despite multiple attempts to force build. Not sure if anyone else is having this problem.

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    Some people, including me, had the same problem. Try this via SSH root login, it should repair it.

  • I've no experience with SSH, putty etc. I'm not really a 'computer person!' as such.

    Interestingly if I try to connect as a user while it's updating, it says "sorry, update in progress" etc... However after some time it restarts and nothing has changed, still stuck on 1.470

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    Yes, that's exactly how this special problem looks like. In my understanding, kiwi is unable to fetch some needed files. Then the following build process takes place anyway, but ends up with an error due to missing file(s), so the version number remains the same.

    This can be cured with the shown three simple steps.

    Maybe it's also safe to execute them via console admin tab instead of SSH (but no guarantee, I didn't try it).

    I've no experience with SSH, putty etc. I'm not really a 'computer person!' as such.

    You don't need much experience, just do it. 😉 Try to make familiar with connecting via SSH - it's not that complicated, and from time to time you might need it if you are instructed so in case of problems.

  • @kramcd If you email the Kiwi's admin password to I can check it and see what's wrong. If there is no admin password set (i.e. the field is blank on the admin security tab) then you'll have to set one. Otherwise I won't be able to connect from over the Internet.

    The fix I made the other day should have allowed an update to progress from v1.470. So it's possible you Kiwi has an additional problem (e.g. corrupt .git files etc).

  • Okay, fixed. Thanks for this report because it uncovered a new problem with v1.470 that I will fix in today's v1.476 release. So that other will (hopefully) not have this issue.

  • I have one of my four Kiwis stuck on v1.470. I did the manual update via the Update tab in the web interface, no go, I SSH'd in and did the update_fix, no go. Anything else I can try?


  • @CommSigma I emailed you.

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